Set of 10 X Chair Covers Universal Stretch White Stretch Chair Cover

  • €5000

It is fit for 90% dining chair. Elegant and timeless Elastic stretch shorts made of microfiber, chair covers very easy-care and durable for chairs.
Protect your chairs reliably against dirt, stains or external damage with this easy-care and wrinkle-free protective cover.
These attractive stretch covers are especially suitable for various celebrations and occasions. Whether at weddings, birthdays or parties with friends, delight your guests with these elegant and elegant covers.




Seat : approx. 38-46 cm
Back height A: approx. 90-105 cm
Backrest width B: approx. 38-46 cm
Height of seats E: approx. 45-50 cm
Material: 94% polyester, 6% spandex,

washable up to 35 ° C

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