1.6x2.4m Motor Bike Shed Tent garage, PVC tarpaulin, gray,

  • €64900

Thanks to the dense grid inner fabric, the PVC tarpaulin is particularly robust, tear-resistant, weatherproof and durable - perfect for long-term use!
This is what makes our PVC tarpaulin special:
easy to care for & easy to clean
The feel is similar to that of a truck tarpaulin


Tear strength: approx. 800 N or 80 kg *25 according to DIN EN ISO 13934-1
UV protection: 50+ according to EN 13758-1


Thanks to fully galvanized steel pipes, the frame is very robust and optimally protected from the weather
The steel pipes are:
refined inside & out
robust and shock-resistant
Specifications round tube profile:
Diameter: approx. 32mm
Wall thickness: approx. 1.2 mm


The floor frame effectively secures and fixes the legs to the ground and thereby increases the stability of the tent garage many times over.
The floor frame:
is installed on the long sides
prevents tarpaulin movement in windy conditions
Tension rods are held to the floor frame by straps
The tent tarpaulin is firmly attached to the poles



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