3x3m Steel Folding Pavilion, without side parts, Cream

  • €33900

Stable steel frame - legs made of approx. 30 mm thick square profile - white powder-coated
strong high performance polyester tarpaulin 700
100% waterproof seams - thanks to tape sealing
Corrosion protected and very impact resistant
the flexible one: for spontaneous and temporary use


Floor space approx. 3.00 mx 3.00 m = 9.00 m²
Side height adjustable approx. 2.00 m - 2.20 m
Ridge height approx. 3.00 m - 3.20 m
Entrance height adjustable approx. 1.80 m - 2.00 m
Number of side panels 0
Number of boxes 1
Longest page approx. 1.49 m
total weight approx. 20.4 kg


Thanks to high-quality steel and protective powder coating, the frame is very solid.
The linkage:
3-way height adjustable
Square profile
Rod diameter: approx. 30 mm I wall thickness: approx. 1.0 mm
Profile shape: smooth


The reinforced tension column ensures a strong roof center and the scissor mechanism ensures quick assembly and dismantling.
The reinforced tension column:
consists of fully galvanized steel
fixes & tensions the roof tarpaulin
The scissor mechanism:
is fixed by a click system
Scissor profile: 30 x 30 x 1 mm

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