Transport Cage for Dogs, Large Carrier Crate (76x56x61cm)

  • €6500

Regardless, whether travelling, in the car or at home – this practical transportable dog cage makes it easy to take your dog anywhere, providing it with a familiar resting and sleeping place.

The cage is made of sturdy polyester and a steel frame. It can be built together without the help of tools, does not weigh much and can be folded together space-saving at any time.

The included soft cushion on the inside of the transportable dog cage offers a comfortable surface to lie upon, which can be washed at 30°C in the washing machine or by hand. The mesh nets on the sides of the cage offer an optimal air circulation and view for the pet. On the front of the transportable cage, there is a zip, allowing for an easy entry and exit.

Due to the light-weight construction and the handle on the top of the cage, it can be transported very easily. Additionally, there are four pockets on the outside, allowing dog treats and toys, etc. to be placed close by.

With a size of 76 x 56 x 61 cm, the transportable dog cage is ideal for dogs with a weight of approximately 20 kg, e.g. Sheltie, English bulldog, …

Please note, the cage is not suited for the dog to be carried around inside of the cage. The transportable dog cage is only suited for the dog to be inside, when standing on a stable surface (the floor/ in the boot of the car, etc.)


76 x 56 x 61 cm

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