Shearing Trimming Grooming Table Hydraulically Foldable

  • €49900

The grooming of your loved cats and dogs is much easier with this trimming table. At home or on the way: This table is perfectly suitable for the transport, because it is hydraulically adjustable in height and is foldable and easy to dissemble. Also the storing is absolutly easier than with other models if the table is just not used.
By the rubberised and anti-slip work surface the animal can stand in a comfortable and safe way during the grooming and the surface made of powder-coated steel can be cleaned easily in case of a mishap.
The hydraulic of the table base offers advantages for the transport as well as for the grooming itself: Whatever the animals' size is, each dog or cat can be brought to the optimal height with the continous hight adjustment.
The practical loop with a snap-lock also holds vivacious animals so that the treatment is possible without any problems for human beings and animals.

Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 55,5 - 92,5 cm



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