Chicken coop run, nesting box 1710x660x1200mm galvanized mesh and tray

  • €29900

Having pets can be a consuming hobby; therefore, it is normal that the owner´s intention is to provide for a cosy home for his little friend. Furthermore there is given the advantage of an optical enhancement of the garden. The pet´s home should dispose of a sufficient ventilation, a good insulation as well as adequate light.
A hutch with a generous space to linger, a protective place to stay for the night as well as an adequate place for breeding is the optimal solution. Also in wintertime, it is the essential location for the poultry.

We can offer you a weather-proof chicken house with a spacious open enclosuremanufactured from environmentally friendly spruce wood. He has the dimensions: 171 cm x 66 cm x 120 cm. The integrated home to sleep has a perch and a a place for nesting. The well-sealed roof made of wood has been insulated with bitumen. Due to a tub/excrement basin made of galvanised metal - which is easy to slide in and out -, there is an easy and hygienic cleaning.
A flat and slip-proof ramp facilitates the access to the open enclosure from the chicken house.

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